International Student Association (ISA) is a student-led organization at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). The ISA was established on November 4th, 2008 in order to meet the expanding needs of international undergraduate students in the CUHK, The ISA, as the representative body of all international undergraduate students, serves as the ligature between the University and its culturally diverse students. Through a series of activities including annual orientation camps, initiated by current international students, the ISA strives to provide assistance for international students to overcome their challenges while studying abroad, and celebrate the rich cultural diversity it represents.

Through collaboration with the University’s administrative units and the variety of student organizations at CUHK, the ISA works to promote the rich cultural diversity that it represents to the CUHK community. The ISA also welcomes partnerships with organizations outside CUHK, including international student bodies of other universities and corporate companies to build international awareness and understanding in the community. In simple words, we are a family of international students!

If you want to be an ISA member:

The ISA serves all international full-time students, and welcomes all to join our activities. However, it provides more benefits to members. The ISA has two kinds of memberships:

  • ISA Regular Membership - for all full-time local and non-local students at CUHK

  • ISA Associate Membership - for all term-time/summer exchange students and associate-degree students.

Membership fare differs each year. Once you become a member, the membership lasts throughout the university time (3-5 years). Thus, you are not required to renew every year. You can sign up by filling the membership form and confirming via email. 

Benefits to ISA members are:

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